Elder Scrolls Legends & Earthfall Double Review

Here we are finally, our first double review, an extravagant combination of two similar subjects, resulting in a more content-filled, thought-provoking debate, which is a fancy way of saying that someone in the code-distributing department f@cked up, and now we’re running short on the deadline. So here we are, double-reviewing Elder Scrolls Legends and Earthfall!

Double Review - Earthfall & Elder Scrolls Legends

-But, Rut! You can’t just make a double review of any two random titles, they need to have a connecting element that will make comparison reasonable. What does Elder Scolls Legends have to do with Earthfall? One is a digital trading card game that bluntly ripped off Hearthstone, and the other is a first-person squad-based survival horror that bluntly ripped off Left4D…. Oh, yeah, I… I see what you did there.

Double Review - Earthfall & Elder Scrolls Legends

Thank you for the interjection voice in my head, but now we need to get on scedule. I think in both cases it would be quicker to list what they DIDN’T rip off from the original, so lets begin.

Elder Scrolls Legends

The one major difference from Hearthstone, is that the field is separated in two lanes. There is the normal lane, and the shadow lane. In the shadow lane, creatures summoned get Cover for the first turn, unless they have guard, meaning they can’t be attacked by other creatures. Creatures of different lanes cannot interact with each other, meaning that it doesn’t really matter if you’ve managed to build an incredible defensive line in the left lane, because if your right lane is empty you can still get attacked from the left lane. Basically, Legends forces the player to be playing two matches at the same time, without one affecting the other significantly.

Double Review - Earthfall & Elder Scrolls Legends

See? Two separate lanes. Hope you think this is enough of a difference, because I sure didn’t.

Aaand I hope you enjoyed that one difference, because that’s all you’re gonna get! Sure, there are some other minor changes, like how you can combine two “classes” together in a deck, getting the high boosts of the imperials with the leading skills of the orcs, but that just means you can play two classes at the same time, which is hardly as impressive as it sounds to someone who hasn’t played yugi for most of his life. It also means that literally every opponent you meet online will be playing argonians.

Double Review - Earthfall & Elder Scrolls Legends

The permanent that gives random key-words is by far the most powerful card in the game.

After that, its one rip-off after another. What really put the nail in the coffin for me, was the deck-editing and card-crafting UI, which have just been copy-pasted from Hearthstone. In my country we have a saying, which roughly translates as “There’s no such thing as virgin-birth.”, which is fairly progressive for a country whose population is roughly 90% overreligious twats who will call you a blasphemer for eating chicken during Easter, but I digress. What I’m getting at, is that of course we’re not expecting people to invent the wheel. I find people who call shooters “CoD clones” ignorant morons, but at some point you have to draw the line. Bethesda of all people, put literally no effort in designing Elder Scrolls Legends. They just stole everything from Hearthstone, from the way typical creatures and abilities work, to the f@cking craft screen. Shame on you Bethesda.

Double Review - Earthfall & Elder Scrolls Legends

See this and tell me you don’t want to shout “Shame! Shame! Shame!”


Speaking of people who put no effort into things, Earthfall pretty much does the exact same thing but with Left4Dead. Remember how I said ES Legends had one major difference from Hearthstone? Well here we have no major differences! Just call the zombies and the special zombies “aliens” and you’re done! 4-team squad, going from one end of the map to another, fighting hordes, barricading themselves to stall for time, saving their teammate who’s trapped by the rape-y motherf@cker, yata yata yata lock.

Double Review - Earthfall & Elder Scrolls Legends

To be fair though, despite Earthfall having no major differences from Left4Dead, it does have numerous minor ones, way more than TES Legends has with HS, that’s for sure. For starters, the game is made with Unreal Engine 4, meaning that before you get to play, you’ll have to wait a few minutes for the main menu to load! Good job distinguishing yourself from Valve, Earthfall. Hey, from what I hear, Valve has never tried playing russian roullette either!

Double Review - Earthfall & Elder Scrolls Legends

In general, Earthfall IS a better version L4D, but there are a few problems that keep it way back.

In all seriousness though, Earthfall does put a lot more effort into telling a story than Left4Dead does. The maps (all 4 of them) are huge, somewhat open-ended, and spliced up with various mandatory objectives instead of just going from A to B. The characters also have a lot more lines, trying to be part of the story, expressing their personal opinion on the things happening in the story, or trying to deliver underacted lines of dialogue.

Double Review - Earthfall & Elder Scrolls Legends

The horde fights are also a lot more interesting, with the difficulty really putting you on edge, even on normal. The swarm can easily overwhelm you, so you need to use the various portable fences you find to barricade the room, or setting an automatic machine gun on one entrance and begging it won’t run out of bullets before the aliens run out of tentacles. The fights with the beast (the respective goliath or brute or whatever) are by far the deadliest I have seen in such a game, with the creature wiping out your team with little effort on anything other than easy.

Double Review - Earthfall & Elder Scrolls Legends

I do like how there are objectives rather than “go from A to B”.

You might have noticed that I still haven’t put any of the usual sub-titles, so we might as well get it over with.

TES Legends: Nothing worth menetioning.
Earthfall: It’s trying, sooo… Extra points for that?

Tes Legends: 90% Hearthstone
Earthfall: 95% Left4Dead.

Tes Legends: Nothing noteworthy. Especially from the art of the cards, I expected a bit more.
Earthfall: Who the hell thought Unreal Engne 4 was a good idea for a fast multiplayer game where you constant;y jump back to the main menu?

Double Review - Earthfall & Elder Scrolls Legends

Final Verdict
So in the end, are they better than the originals? And are they worth your time? In The Elder Scrolls Legends case, no, and no. The one thing the game added, the shadow lane, is a gimmick at most, since it doesn’t actually make much of a difference. If anything it has even worse balance problems than Hearthstone did.

In Earthfall’s case, yes but barely, and yes, but it’s a shame you won’t find people to party with 90% of the time. Also, we hope you have fun waiting 5 minutes for the main menu to load.

And finally, which one is better? Unfortunately Legends automatically gets the win, as you can at least find people to fight online, so that you can see one of the 100 variants of purple-green.

Double Review - Earthfall & Elder Scrolls Legends

Gamehorizon gives a major thumbs down and a disapporiving “ts ts” in both cases.













  • Earthfall's objectives.
  • Some legendaries in Legends are really fun.
  • Earthfall's story focus.
  • Legends' lane concept is a fun variation.
  • The card-upgrade in Legends is somewhat interesting.
  • Really loved Legends' pacing.


  • Earthfall's Unreal Engine 4, f@ck off.
  • Everyone in Legends plays argonian variables.
  • 0 originality.
  • Too few stages in Earthfall.
  • Earthfall servers are empty.
  • Legends requires too much boring grinding to level up.

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