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It is true that the eSports industry is growing rapidly, even in the most remote, debt-filled parts of the world. Lots of people play videogames and the most popular of them draw the most attention. In this article we are gonna analyze the Greek community of League Of Legends. In recent years, League tournaments are more and more common, the popularity of eSports exploding upwards. League Of Legends Greek Championship is the first and biggest league tourney in Greece. In this league, 8 teams participate. Joining Season 1 of it, we have big names such as Instict Esports, Team Arsenal, Different Dimension, Greek Regenesis Esports, Void Gaming, Metal Edge Gaming, Test Your Limits and Wretch World. Off to a rocky start though, Wretch World’s top player (Cheese) was banned for inappropriate behavior.


One more player got banned from the league. Mid laner from Greek Regenesis Esports, Dom1nant banned for behaviour reasons and he was replaced for Sparks. Season 1 ended with Instict Esports finishing in the first place. Season 2 is here! The league is refreshed. New teams,new players and of course new rules. Now, all teams are allowed to play in this league. First of all Gplay and WLGaming won the Qualification Cup in Larissa and now they are officialy in the league. Only three games were played.


Greece league


Later this year, Panathinaikos a football team announced the eSports departement. Panathinaikos played in the Qualification cup in Larissa but due to certain violent events (likely caused by their respective football rivals), Panathinaikos left the league. Their roster is Top Dellito, Jungle Vrow, Mid Pun1sher, Marksman Owner, Support Oath.


Greece league Panathinaikos



In Greece there is a variety of talents such Forg1ven and Pretty. Pretty played for the french team Millenium and Forg1ven is one of the best ADCarries in Europe. His last team was H2K and now he is playing for Different Dimension, as Pretty does. In general, Greece’s League Of Legends community is strong. Lots of streamers achieve more than 1000 views in their streams such as R1ou, DD Warrior Lady, Hayate, Forg1ven etc. There is a big variety of LoL tournaments in Greece. First Of all,we have ESL League of Legends, ELO HELL Greek Series and League of Legends Major League Greece but there are some small tournaments in local internet cafes. There are some more big tournaments like Fight for your Food by eFood (a very famous local online food-order company). Moreover, some teams are playing for SEEC which is one of the biggest Balcan tournaments. The League is one of the greatest tournaments and now it is in Season 3. One of the tournaments that the audience loved was Greek Legends. This week, two Greek teams are playing for challenger series, Different Dimension in EUNE and Greek Regenesis Esports in EUW. In the past some tournaments organised by Inspot, which is a company with internet cafe. These tournaments were Pan-Hellenic. Finally, there is a special event organised by in Larisa. It is Viewing party. Viewing party is an event where all the fans hang out and watch the finals of World Championship.


Greece league


Three teams passed the brackets and the got a slot in SEC. Different Dimension,Greek Regenesis Esports and Void Gaming are ready to the others teams for all Balcans.



In Greece there were lots of Gaming Houses. In them players lived and played the games like a real Team. Different Dimension, OnTop and more teams set up their gaming mansion. You can watch a video about Different Dimension Mansion Party.


Greek Legends in 2014

League Of Legends Greek Championship Season 1 in 2017


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