Sylvester Stallone Escape Plan 2 News/Expendables 4&5

Sylvester Stallone posted a video on his facebook page showing us one of his enemies at Escape Plan sequel  , and guess what …  He’s fighting a Robot! Yeah Sly revealed that we re gonna see that robot at the end of Escape Plan 2 and that it’s totally rough. He appeared with his co-star Dave Bautista who will be the star of Escape Plan 2 movie. Check it Out!

Sly informed us that they started shooting in Atlanta, but he hasn’t reavealed us if Arnold Schwarzenegger is at the sequel. Despite that, he gave us a pretty cool pic with his enemy, so let’s check it out!



Ohh come on!Look at this guy.Still smiling while filming a movie after all these years… And so cool with his badass tattoos. Now that i mentioned  his tattoos let’s see another video that he shared with us at his facebook page that a word slept his mouth about Expendables 4 and Expendables 5Dave Bautista saved the moment, but the spoiler came out!


We got some rumors about Escape Plan’s 2 plot but nothing is confirmed yet. It is said, that Sylvester Stallone will be the Master/Teacher at this movie, showing his boy Dave Bautista his skills and turn him to a pro. At the sequel the movie might start with some fight scenes at a bar or with a the death of Jamie King who’s very special to Ray Breslin.This is why they call this movie an action drama. I’m sure though that you prefer Sly to kick some ass.(Come on we all do). Let’s check one official photo about this info.

Thst’s all we know until now. The movie is called Escape Plan 2:Hades and it will be released in 2018, starring Sylvester Stallone50 Cent, Dave Bautista and Jaime King. Director  Steven C. Miller and writer Miles Chapman.

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